Film + Comic Screenplays

I wrote a film screenplay following an orphaned free diver living in a technocracy. First part of an Indigenous-futuristic immersive action story based in pre-colonial, pre-Incan Peru.

Narrative Vision

The purpose of this piece is to explore imaginative realism -especially with South American, Andean Indigenous culture and technology.

What if the secrets Quipus held were retained and not destroyed?

Film Screenplay

Comic Screenplay

I wrote, storyboarded, sketched, and colored a comic book screenplay adaptation following an orphaned free diver living in a technocracy. First part of an indigenous-futuristic immersive action story based in pre-colonial, pre-Incan Peru.

Early Storyboard

Personal Reflections

Miniseries Screenplay

I wrote a miniseries screenplay about a world where shadows live as doppelgängers outside our realm, where a suicide survivor confronts his doppelgänger. I collaborated with classmates on some episodes in a writer's room format

Penumbra Screenplay — Scene Highlight

Penumbra Screenplay

World Building, Central Dialogue, Collectible Audio Logs (PC)

I co-wrote a linear narrative with a branching final ethical dilemma following a cute, solitary robot in an indie scifi puzzle exploration game.

[Additionally I worked as a programmer and alongside a team of 19 members of various roles (programmers, audio designer, composer, graphics artists, game designers, producer, game director) @Danish Academy of Digital Interactive Entertainment (DADIU), National Film School of Denmark.]

Narrative Design

I wrote the central AI dialogue, character bios, audio logs, narration, and an overarching plot to build up an ethical choice for the player. Details about this world are revealed through the AI's dialogue with the player and the crew member audio logs the player collects.

Narrative Vision

I focused on bringing the playable character —a reptilian robot— to life. Working with the game director, I built a world around an alien reptilian species.

Narrative Design Documentation


AI Core Script

Audio Logs

Executive Summary

Game Page
Backstory, Central Storyline, Collectible Character Bios

I wrote and designed the central storyline and character bios for heroes in an action RPG multiplayer mobile game on a team of narrative designers at Swedish start-up @Nordic Stone Studios.

Game Page
Enter the Void
Stornaway.io, Non-linear Narrative

I wrote and designed an immersive point and click narrative game, using nodes to edit and with multiple pathways @Johns Hopkins Graduate Film Department. The game rewards patience with freedom and has some Daoist principles.

Project Page