Game Programming

Unreal 5.1 (C++, Blueprints)

King of Dareux - Duality

Timeframe: 3 months

I worked as contract Gameplay and UI Programmer to fix bugs and implements features on an AA action-adventure RPG based on 4040 post-apocalyptic Earth.

C# (Unity)


Timeframe: 6 weeks

I co-wrote narrative and programmed gameplay, tools, and UI features for an 3rd-person dark, comedic, narrative puzzle game in Unity's HDRP on a team of 19. My goals were to integrate systems into gameplay and polish the UX of the save-load & UI systems.

C# (Unity)

Totally Accurate Warehouse Simulator

Timeframe: 1 week

I programmed rigid body movement, procedural content, UI, and localization systems for a 3rd-person order delivery game in Unity's HDRP on a team of 19.

Unreal 5.2 (C++ Blueprints) & Unity (C#)

Quipu Game

Timeframe: 5 months (3 Unity + 2 Unreal)

While finishing school, I sought to learn Unreal Engine and solo-developed an action adventure prototype following a Moche diver with telekinetic power, adapted from my original screenplay Quipu.

Miscellaneous Formats

Print & Play
Wild Ones

Designed a fast-paced and strategic print-and-play card game about adventure with a team @Maryland Institute College of Art.
Into the Void

Wrote and designed an immersive point and click narrative game with multiple pathways, rewarding patience @Johns Hopkins Graduate Film Department.

Virtual Party Game

Designed a party game (4-10 players) that can be played remotely @Maryland Institute College of Art.