Escuela Amigos Mascot

I designed, drew, and illustrated the school logo "Jaguare" in 2013 while in 7th grade that is still used in official school merchandise and marketing for the "Escuela Amigos School"

Wild Ones Card Game

I designed a fast-paced and strategic print-and-play card game about adventure with a team @Maryland Institute College of Art.

FastForwardU Curricula

I designed material for Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures FastForward U Spark Curriculum while working as an intern; educating student entrepreneurs about business; using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to help with student learning outcomes.

INTD Conference

I designed official materials for the 2019 International Neural Tube Defect Conference hosted by Boston Children's Hospital; using Adobe Illustrator and InDesign; while an research intern @ Boston Children's Hospital.

Sunset Sticker

I illustrated a sunset sticker in Adobe Illustrator for fun.

Hermaeus Mora

I illustrated an eldritch deity from the Elder Scrolls franchise Hermaeus Mora in Adobe Illustrator

Inspirational Person

I illustrated a portrait of inspirational film director Guillermo del Toro in Adobe Illustrator in 2015 @Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School.

Heraldry Project

I illustrated a tapestry of my interests and heraldry in Adobe Illustrator @Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School. Note the stretched Jaguares, characteristic of the Guyanese coat of arms and the influence of Avatar the Last Airbender universe on the tapestry design.


— Where nature meets architecture —

A series of photos taken with Iphone and 16mm Nikon