Connor Wall

Game Programmer & Designer

I code games and write Indigenous Sci-Fi narratives to inspire empathy and awe.

About Me

I am a recent graduate of Johns Hopkins University '23 having studied Computer Science B.A. and Film and game development in a masters exchange program (Danmarks Tekniske Universitet and DADIU, Danish National Academy of Interactive Entertainment).

Recently, I worked as a game programmer at DADIU and a narrative design intern at Nordic Stone Studios. I come from an interdisciplinary background —having worked in medical research at Harvard Medical School, entrepreneurship at Johns Hopkins, and environmental education at Mass Audobon.

I love immersive storytelling in games as I come from a very culturally rich mixed Black, Arawak, Asian, European, American background. I also enjoy learning about cultures as a polyglot (English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, some Danish) having lived in the US, China, and EU. (Check out my take on Indigenous Sci-Fi in "Quipu). I seek to make meaningful and intuitive gameplay experiences to inspire cultural empathy and awe for players.



Solo Developer (Unreal, C++, Unity C#)


Game Narrative + UI + Programmer (Unity C#)

Game Design

Unity 3D, Java, Android, Print & Play,